Logos & Inlays


A custom look is available using all of our exterior products. Our artists use years fo experience and computerized CNC machines to create one of a kind decks that will make your boat stand out in the crowd. We know how much boat owners want to express their personal pride in every detail of their vessel and our custom services allow you a way to do it for everyone to see.

Corporate or charter company logos, boat names or nautical designs like a compass rose or trident can be machined into PlasDECK, AquaTrac, Kebony and Corinthian Carpet panels. Let you imagination run wild or simply go with a boat brand logo to maintain a true factory appearance. Usually all we need from you is a vector file and our artists will handle the rest.

This one area of our business where we can really set ourselves and our craftsmanship apart from our competition so don’t be afraid to tell us what you have in mind. We love making unique projects and we love a good challenge.

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Our Services

  • Design & Estimating +

    DIY or a full custom installation, take advantage of our free design and estimating services. Read More
  • Pre-Cut Panels +

    We specialize in pre-cut panels that are ready to install in your boat. Read More
  • Custom Installations +

    Our craftsmen and our Regional Installers can complete a custom installation on any vessel, anywhere. Read More
  • Logos & Inlays +

    Make you new boat deck truly unique with a little help from our artists. Read More
  • Boat Dealers & Manufacturers +

    We are the industry leader in providing pre-cut decking panels to retail dealerships and OEM builders around the globe. Read More
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