Amtico resilient vinyl flooring has become the marine industry standard for interior applications. You probably had no idea but you’ve seen Amtico  in nearly every new express cruiser being made. It’s tough, durable and beautiful. The subtle color variations and truly convincing grain patterns make it virtually indistinguishable from genuine wood floors. The lightly embossed texture on the surface provides extra traction and helps with the genuine look and feel underfoot. Unlike real woods, Amtico floors require no more maintenance than regular cleaning and will last the life of your vessel.

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While there are many wood species available for special order, we only stock the Teak (W699) and American Cherry (W745) colors as we find these to be the most common for marine applications.


            American Cherry

We stock Amtico wood planks in 3” x 36’” dimension and the holly strips in ¼” x 36”. All of our stock planks have a beveled edge to help visually distinguish each one when installed. Other colors, dimensions and edge profiles are available for special order in multiples of 45 sq.ft. per carton

See all of Amtico’s color options here.

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Amtico is available in raw material form for the do it yourself projects. Amtico flooring can be adhered directly to clean fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum. You must start with a smooth surface as the flooring will show any imperfections after installation. You must also use the proprietary 2-Part adhesive from Amtico. While the finished product is amazing, installing Amtico can be a bit tricky for the novice. The adhesive has a limited working time once mixed and it can get pretty hectic trying to get all of the planks and strips in place before time runs out. If you are unsure of your abilities please consider our PlasTEAK and Holly flooring as an alternative.

Amtico materials average $9.50 per square foot

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We make pre-cut Amtico flooring kits to fit early model Chaparral Signature express cruisers with fiberglass floors. We have kits for 270, 276, 280, 290, 310 and 330 Signatures. The kits come ready to install with a pressure sensitive “peel and stick” adhesive. All you have to do is clean the floor, remove the back on the adhesive and set the panel in place. With a little pressure the adhesive is set. Installation couldn’t be easier and the flooring perfectly simulates the look of later models which had Amtico floors installed at the factory. It’s a great way to update the interior and get rid of those dingy snap-in carpets for good.

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Sailboats and other vessels often use teak and holly plywood panels for the cabinsole. Unfortunately these panels decay, delaminate and are easily destroyed by water and humidity. A TT Custom Marine, Inc. we specialize in replicating those panels in completely synthetic rot and water proof materials.

We’ll take your old panels, no matter how rotten or worn and digitize them using specialized equipment. We can then clean up the broken, edges on the computerwith our CAD software. We then cut exact copies out of durable ABS plastic using our CNC machine. After we apply Amtico vinyl flooringto complete the look,the results are amazing!

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Amtico Assura 20 Year Platinum Warranty

Mannington Commercial hereby warrants that in the event the Amtico Assura flooring supplied to the original purchaser under this agreement requires replacement due to wear-out from normal foot traffic within 20 years of the date of purchase, the defective material will be replaced free of charge. “Wear-out” means the removal of pattern and color from the Amtico Assura floor caused by the removal of the protective wear layer.


·  The Amtico Assura floor is correctly installed using a Mannington Commercial approved adhesive over a properly prepared sub floor in accordance with the provisions of the Amtico Installation Guidelines.

·  The floor is regularly maintained using an approved maintenance system as laid out in the Amtico Assura Commercial Maintenance Guidelines, using properly maintained equipment and the appropriate cleaning pads.

·  Adequate dirt and moisture retention matting is installed at all entrances, including, but not limited to, the tops and bottoms of escalators, and where there is the possibility of abrasive contamination being tracked on to the floor.

Information About Your Warranty Coverage

The 20-year limited wear warranty contained herein is the sole and exclusive warranty of Mannington Commercial for Amtico Assura products and is in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Mannington Commercial’s sole liability with respect to such warranty shall be replacement of any nonconforming flooring.

In no event shall Mannington Commercial be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the User to satisfy itself that Mannington Commercial Amtico Assura flooring products are fit for such User’s intended purpose. In the event of any claim under this warranty, the Mannington Commercial Technical Services Department should be contacted as soon as possible. Any claim made under this warranty will be investigated and the User will only qualify for replacement material under the terms of this warranty if investigation shows the floor has been installed and maintained as specified. Mannington Commercial will then provide sufficient material, as close as possible to that originally supplied, to replace that found to be defective.


· Wear-out or damage due to incorrect installation, use of improper adhesives, maintenance or unevenness and irregularities in the sub floor. This includes any moisture problems in the sub floor, and the use of harsh scouring pads on buffing machines.

·  Damage caused by stains, spills, burns, gouges, scratches, indentations, floods and any other accidents or abuse or any reduction in gloss due to use.

· The use of adhesive removers or abatements chemicals.

·  Not responsible for incidental or consequential damages including loss of revenue, penalties for construction delays, furniture, supervision, disposal, etc.


NOTE: Avoid the use of rubber or latex backed mats, as some types can cause permanent floor discoloration.


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