AquaTrac is an economical alternative to synthetic teak and genuine hardwoods yet far more durable than competitive foam products.  You’ve seen AquaTrac on premium brands like Mastercraft, Cobalt, Regal and many others as it has proven to be superior to the competition. The innovative, patent pending, material has the comfort and sound deadening of closed cell foam underneath a durable PVC top sheet. The result is a product that is easy to clean, has incredible traction and prevents tearing and shrinkage.  The material can be customized by machining through the top sheet to the alternate color foam to create one of a kind panels for any boat.

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We feel AquaTrac is a superior alternative to EVA foam panels like SeaDek and HydroTurf for the following reasons;

Resists Shrinkage - All EVA foam is prone to shrinkage over time, especially in high UV environments. When using strictly EVA panels the consequence is cracked, curled panels that begin to release from the edges and expose adhesive. The exposed adhesive will trap dirt and is impossible to clean. The result usually looks like this.

Instead of being just a thick slab of foam, AquaTrac has a stable layer of PVC above a thinner cross section of foam and a layer of mylar below. Together this sandwich construction virtually eliminates the shrinkage seen in other products. Not only do the two stable materials prevent the foam from physically shrinking but the PVC top sheet significantly reduces the root cause; UV exposure.

Prevents Tearing - Soft foams are easily ripped and gouged by everyday toys and hardware on a boat and it can’t be repaired. The durable PVC top sheet of AquaTrac means that your decking will look great even after years of abuse from wakeboard fins, dive tanks, tackle boxes and anchors.  Scuffs and scratches can be easily sanded out to make your panels look brand new without affecting traction.

Easy To Clean - The durable, non-porous PVC top sheet resists stains and environmental contaminants that can permanently damage purely foam panels. It also stands up to harsh scrubbing and high pressure washing which would simply ruin competitive products.

Traction -  Strictly EVA foam panels do NOT have inherently great traction when wet. To get decent traction from foam panels you must either have an aggressive texture on the surface or thicken the pad so that traction comes merely from compression of the material. AquaTrac uses the same principles of traction that has served mariners who used real wood decks for centuries. Real teak wood is famous for its wet traction because it has thousand of very small “hills and valleys” created by the natural layers of wood grain. To mimic this in synthetic decking you take a fairly rigid material like PVC and sand it with an aggressive grit to create the same effect. When stepped on any water underfoot is dispersed along these super fine channels in a process known as “siping”. You just can’t get this benefit from foam because it’s not rigid enough.


AquaTrac is available in the following stock colors.  

Teak on Off-White Teak on Black Grey on Black Black on Grey


***Custom colors are available with minimum order quantity.

AquaTrac is easily installed on a smooth, clean surface using the pressure sensitive “peel and stick” backing. Just remove the paper backing and stick the panels in place. For application over molded in non-skid patterns we highly recommend using a trowel spread or rolled on adhesive for the best longevity. Our PlasDECK adhesive works great.

At this time AquaTrac is only available in pre-cut, ready to install panels which average about $17/sq.ft. depending on design and machine time.

We have hundreds of boats in our template library so you may not have to make one for us. If you do need to make a template for us we’ll supply everything you need and walk you through the process. It’s pretty simple.


Please CONTACT US to see what options are available for your vessel.

We can design your AquaTrac to look like a teak deck, inlay boat names and graphics or you can go with something a bit more traditional. The possibilities really are endless as we use a CNC machine to cut out whatever you desire.

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