PlasDECK synthetic teak decking is a flexible PVC based material made entirely in the USA. Unlike real wood, PlasDECK is virtually maintenance free, UV stabilized and anti-fungal. Available in sixteen color combinations this amazing decking product has incredible wet traction, is highly resistant to stains and can be pressure washed without damage. PlasDECK also weighs less, costs less and is easier to install than genuine wood decks. If you have ever admired the elegant, warm look of a new teak deck but were turned away by stories of endless maintenance and expensive repairs then, no matter what size vessel you own, PlasDECK is for you.

  • FAQ's +

  • Q.What are “Non-Migrating Plasticizers”? +

    A. All soft plastics to use oils, call plasticizers to provide their flexibility. Inexpensive plasticizers tend to move around within the material over time and will eventually work their way to the surfaces. On the top surface they evaporate and get washed away, causing the material to dry, crack, crumble and chalk. When the oils move to the bottom surface they jeopardize the bond with the adhesive causing premature release. All PlasDECK products use a formulation that ensures these oils are immobile so the material will retain its adhesion, stain resistance and flexibility much longer than other products.
  • Q. Are PlasDECK decking materials slippery when wet +

    A. NO! All PlasDECK products offer superb traction, much better than non-skid patterns molded into the fiberglass. It actually offers a little more traction when it is wet than when it is dry. Many of our customers have purchased PlasDECK decking products for their non-slip properties, especially on swim platforms.
  • Q. Does PlasDECK get hot in the sun? +

    A. Yes, everything gets hot in the sun! Darker colors of PlasDECK gets no hotter than real teak decks yet they cool much more quickly. Spraying PlasDECK with water will cool the material rapidly with no loss of traction. CoolTEAK and the lighter color PlasDECK will stay about 25°to 30°F cooler than the darker colors in direct sunlight. While the original PlasDECK is still the most popular color, if you live in warmer climates we recommend that you consider one of the lighter colored options.
  • Q. What if I damage my PlasDECK? +

    A. All PlasDECK products are very tough but we recommend that you treat them like a real teak deck. That means you should try to avoid dragging your anchor across the material and leave the spiked golf shoes at home. However, should you scratch or scuff your deck you can sand out the blemish with 40 grit sandpaper. For more extensive damage, we can remove and replace small sections of the material by cutting along the caulking lines.
  • Q. How do I take care of my PlasDECK? +

    A. Just wash it! Use whatever soap you use to wash the rest of your boat. For petroleum spills we recommend a mild dish detergent like Dawn or Palmolive. Avoid using any harsh solvents like Acetone or MEK around your PlasDECK. Unlike real wood, PlasDECK products can be pressure washed without damage. The brown color of PlasDECK will hide a lot of dirt so it’s hard to know when the material is actually dirty. To avoid seeing “wear patterns” where dirt is continuously ground into the decking in high traffic areas, we recommend that you wash the deck frequently.
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Made in the USA using a proprietary process, all PlasDECK products are formulated using the best, most expensive polymers and additives available. Our advanced flexible PVC decking incorporates "Automotive Grade" UV inhibitors which are the highest grade UV protectants available for plastics manufacturing. Premium "non-migrating" plasticizers mean the material won't crack, crumble, dry out or change color significantly and will remain flexible throughout its life. Anti-fungal agents mean no mold or mildew and while our competitors don't think these ingredients matter we are positive that our decking products will hold up to the harsh marine environment with no compromises.
To prove it PlasDECK has an honest Five Year warranty not a misleading 20 Year warranty that, in reality, covers nothing. To date we have been selling and installing PlasDECK products for a decade and have yet to have one single warranty claim. Now that's real durability and that's the reason PlasDECK is the number one choice for marine renovators, boat builders and owners around the world.

Stain Resistant

PlasDECK is impervious to most stains and tolerant of aggressive detergents. Gas, Diesel, oil , fish blood and red wine wash right off if attended to properly. Unlike our competitors, PlasDECK is unaffected by bleach and since the material is colorfast throughout the 4mm thickness, minor scuffs and scratches can be easily sanded out with no negative effects. Its inherent flexibility makes it highly tolerant of dents and dings and is easily repaired if more significant damage occurs.


PlasDECK products simply look more like real teak and other hardwoods than any decking on the market.

Using subtle streaking agents during production makes a material that looks more like real wood.Without streaking agents, other synthetic decking can look too uniform, making it far less visually unique than natural wood. You’ll also notice how our competitor’s look almost “hairy”.Have you ever seen “hairy” teak wood? PlasDECK looks just like new teak, and will for years to come.

Better Adhesion

Extensive testing has proven that having a nearly flat, embossed surface on the underside of PlasDECK offers better adhesion while using less adhesive than competitive grooved designs.

Groove backed products are more prone to premature release as it is difficult to ensure all the areas of a grooved design are filled evenly with glue. Failure to accomplish complete, even adhesive application can create voids that trap air and moisture under the material and cause problems during expansion in warm weather.

The embossed backing surface also dramatically reduces the effects of compression from above which eliminates dimples in the final surface and reduces deflection when mounting hardware on top of the material.

While others want you to believe that having grooves means that the material has better adhesion, we know form experience that this is not true. In ten years of installing PlasDECK products we have to experience a single failure of the adhesive bond.

Non Slip

PlasDECK  offers incredible traction, even when wet. The top side has a texture that mimics that of real teak. Real teak has small “hills and valleys” due to the natural grain of the wood. The surface of all PlasDECK products is sanded to achieve the same functionality while also helping to add a more authentic look. PlasDECK’s surface is sanded to achieve the same functionality while also helping add to the authentic look of the decking. Because the material is colorfast throughout, scuffs and scratches can be sanded without affecting the form or function.

Original PlasDECK and Darker Colors

Original Black Lines Original White lines Ebony White Lines Ebony Silver Lines
Metallic Silver Black Lines Metallic Silver white lines Metallic Silver Blue lines Metallic Silver Redlines


CoolTEAK and Lighter colors- Up to 30°F cooler in direct sunlight

CoolTeak Brown Lines CoolTeak Black Lines Aged Black Lines Aged with White Lines
Natural with Black Lines Natural with White Lines Ash with Gray Lines Ash with Blue Lines


Original PlasDECK is available in a shiplap profile for do it yourself installations. While we highly recommend that you let us fabricate your panels for you using our heat welding methods, this DIY material can be a cost effective alternative. We encourage you to take advantage of our free Design and Estimating services to see what options are best suited for your project and budget.

PlasDECK shiplap edge material means that boat owners and installers can assemble a PlasDECK project right on site. The material comes in several easy to use extrusions that make layout a breeze and are easily installed by the novice craftsman.

How do “Shiplap” edges work? The edges of the material are profiled to perfectly overlap each other as the pieces are installed to the boat and mate with no gaps or visible seams.

As you dry fit your pieces you’ll notice that the top edge of the profuile touches first leaving a small gap between the pieces.

As you spread the adhesive and begin to lay the PlasDECK, pieces each new strip is pushed gently towards the previous. Adhesive gathers and fills the space between to create a perfect seal. Any excess is pushed up to the surface and cleaned off with denatured alcohol.


PlasDECK 2″ Shiplap Roll Part # E-520 (White Line) and E-521 (Black Line)

Each piece is 2 in. wide and 32 ft. long (5.3 square feet, .5 square meters). Price $100.00

PlasDECK 6? Shiplap Roll  Part # E-522 (White Lines) and E-523 (Black Lines)
 Each piece is 6” wide and 32’ long (16 square feet, 1.5 square meters). Price- $280.00

PlasDECK 6? Shiplap Roll - No Lines Part # E-600
This material with no lines is perfect for cutting out custom pieces to complete the authentic look of your new PlasDECK.. Each piece is 6” wide and 8’ long (4 square feet, .375 square meters). Price- $70.00

PlasDECK Trim with Bullnose Edge  Part # E-604
This edging piece has a bullnose edge on one side – great for stairs! Each piece is 3? wide and 8' long (152mm x 2.44m). Price $55.00

PlasDECK Trim with Azure glowing Bullnose Edge  Part # E-604-A
This edging piece has a bullnose edge that glows in the dark! – great for stairs! Each piece is 3? wide and 8' long (152mm x 2.44m). Price- $65.00

PlasDECK 3? Tapered Finish Edging  Part # E-606
This pre-cut material is used to make borders around the deck, to create the look of a traditional teak deck. This edging piece has a tapered edge on one side to make a smooth transition from the decking to the rest of boat. Each piece is 3” wide and 8’ long (152mm x 2.44m). Price $45.00


PlasDECK Adhesive (20 oz. Sausage)  Part # PD-2505 (off White) and PD-2503 (Black)
A moisture cure polyurethane adhesive specially formulated for the marine environment. Can be used with applicator gun (PD-2515) or just squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Coverage depends on the type of substrate the glue is applied, expect between 10-15 square feet. Price- $18.00


PlasDECK Sausage Glue Gun  Part # PD-2515
This Sausage Gun is used to apply the PlasDECK 20 oz. Sausage Glue. Kit includes: 3 Clear plastic nozzles, 3 Black cone nozzles, 2 Replacement polyplastic sausage pistons, 1 Hytrel bulk piston Price $65.00


PlasDECK  Floor Roller  Part # PD-2312
The PlasDECK Floor Roller is perfect for smoothing and straightening the PlasDECK during installation. This will also help push out any trapped air. After the decking is laid onto the glue, roll over it with long strokes in the direction of the caulk lines. Price $42.00



All PlasDECK material can be made into larger panels by heat welding the raw materials together to form one solid contiguous piece. We essentially melt the pieces together which eliminates any potential for a seam to fail which would allow moisture through the decking material and potentially cause the adhesive bond to fail.

All plastics expand and contract as temperatures change. Materials that are simply glued together will expand and contract as individual pieces which will eventually cause the adhesive holding the pieces together to fail and the seam will open. It doesn’t take but a hairline opening for water and moisture to work its way under the decking and causing all manner of problems. None of which are easily remedied. By heat welding the material together our panels move with temperature variations as one solid, waterproof panel.

Some of our competitors do not heat weld their material when fabricating panels or doing custom installations. Beware, the results can be disastrous. This is especially important in Northern climates where temperatures vary greatly over the course of the year.

We are so convinced that heat welding is the best way to fabricate synthetic teak decking panels that TT Custom Marine offers a No Hassle- Lifetime Warranty on all of our heat welded seams. For the life of the decking we warrant that no seams will split, crack or otherwise open up over time due to natural forces. If they do, we’ll come and fix them…free of charge. Try to get that in writing from our competitors!

We encourage you to explore all of the available PlasDECK products and various methods of installation to decide which options are best suited for your project. We encourage everyone to Contact Us to discuss your project in more detail.

DIY Materials Installation Pre-Cut Panels Installation Trim Caulking


TT Custom Marine, Inc. (we) has been selling and installing PlasDECK products for over ten years and we have yet to experience a single warranty issue with the product. PlasDECK carries a five year warranty from the manufacturer which you can read below. However we are so confident in the material that we will warrant any PlasDECK decking purchased through us, as well as our fabrication and installations for as long as you own your boat!

We warrant, for as long as you own your boat,  that our pre-cut panels will not rot, warp, crack, crumble or separate at the seams under normal use or we will repair or replace the material at no charge to you. We're not kidding! We also warrant out installations to be free from delaminations (release of the adhesive bond, bubbles or voids below the material, which are a direct result of our installation methods and products. Repair or replacement decisions are at the sole discretion of TT Custom Marine, Inc.

Try to find a warranty like that from our competition!

PlasDECK warrants to the purchaser of its products for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. During these warranted periods of time the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will not split, crack, peel, rot, or be subject to wood boring insect damage. Material found to have split or cracked due to improper installation will not be warranted.

PlasDECK’s sole obligation shall be to replace the quantity of its products proven to be defective and shall not be liable for any loss or damage.
PlasDECK does not guarantee the appropriateness of this material for any application without prior testing.

Any claims under this Limited Warranty must be made within five (5) years of purchase of the PlasDECK product, must be in writing accompanied by proof of purchase and must include the return of the defective product, freight prepaid, to PlasDECK. Replacement will be shipped freight collect.
Merchandise must be inspected and counted upon arrival. Any freight damage or shortages must be noted on the receiving slip/BOL. No damaged freight or shortage compensation will be allowed if freight is accepted and signed for “in good condition.”


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