PlasTEAK and Holly has been a staple for DIY interior flooring projects for over a decade. As a sheet vinyl product it is economical and incredibly rugged. Using a single part adhesive, installation is a breeze even for the inexperienced. The flooring has the rich, warm look of a traditional teak and holly sole with none of the maintenance. The subtle matte finish provides traction and is aesthetically pleasing in even the most modern interior. If you want to refresh the interior of your boat but don’t want to spend big bucks and a lot of time doing it PlasTEAK & Holly is an excellent choice.

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PlasTEAK & Holly comes in a 6’ wide roll is 2mm (80 mil) thick.

The material must be ordered in even foot lengths.

PlasTEAK and Holly- $45.00/ lineal foot

Single Part Adhesive-    

Quart (50 sq.ft.)- $20.00

Gallon (200 sq,ft,) - $60.00

Epoxy Adhesive for High Moisture Environments- $90.00 Gallon

Seam Kit with DVD- $62.50

Flooring Roller- $45.00

5/8” Aluminum “L” Trim- 6’ Length = $18.00 each 1” Plastic Teak Trim- 6’ Length= $15.00 each

PlasTEAK & Holly is sold strictly as a DIY product. We do not offer pre-cut panels or any specialty fabrication of this product.  However, as with all sheet materials there is a potential for a tremendous amount of waste based on the specifications of your floor. Please take advantage of our free estimating services to keep waste to a minimum. If you can get us a rough sketch of the area you are working on and maybe a few pictures, we’ll be happy to put together a Bill of Materials that you’ll need for the project.

Please Contact Us to discuss your project in more detail




Subject to the below exclusions, PlasTEAK, Inc. warrants that PlasTEAK flooring products will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and that, when properly installed and maintained, shall not wear through as a result of normal foot traffic for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation. This warranty shall become void if the maintenance, subfloor conditions, and/or installation procedures do not conform to those prescribed by PlasTEAK, Inc.
Warranty Exclusions (the above limited warranty does not cover):
1. Dissatisfaction due to improper maintenance, improper installation including insufficient or improper floor preparation or substrate deficiency.
2. Deviations from samples or printed illustrations in color or texture. Suspect material must not be installed without receiving advance approval from PlasTEAK, Inc.
3. Loss due to inconvenience, incidental expenses or consequential damages.
4. Resultant damage due to:
• Stains and/or discoloration caused by (but not limited to): dyes or inks, fading from sunlight or heat generation sources, contact with rubber products and/or synthetic backings including that which may be attributable to plasticizer migration; non-approved adhesives or floor care products not recommended by PlasTEAK.
• Traffic-borne contaminants from painted or asphalt surfaces and sealers; chemically reactive spillage;   crocking.
• Substrate telegraphing of underlayment fasteners, imperfections and/or joints.
• Cuts, scratches, gouges, scuffs, punctures, tears, indentations, and/or burns.
• Indentation from the use of improper or poorly designed furniture rests, wheels and/or floor protectors.
•Inadequate protective entrance or landing matting.
• Failure to protect the material from ongoing work by other trades or individuals.
• Accidents or any intentional misuse or misapplication of products.
• Problems due to mold, mildew, the presence of alkaline substances, and/or hydrostatic pressure from the substrate.
• Bond failure due to the presence of excessive substrate moisture and/or alkaline substances or hydrostatic pressure: problems due to mold and mildew. Failure of any embossed pattern to match at seam(s) due to standard manufacturing variances.
• Fire, flood or other acts, omissions, causes or events beyond the control of PlasTEAK.
• Improper installation and maintenance, including (but not limited to) use of adhesives and/or techniques not recommended by PlasTEAK.
[NOTE: This warranty shall be VOID if any PlasTEAK Products are installed with adhesives and/or techniques not specifically recommended by PlasTEAK Inc.]
TOPSEAL urethane finish (Teak & Holly SAT IN finish) warranty exclusions (the above limited warranty does not cover):
• Gloss reduction from routine wear, or irregular visual appearance from traffic path, or excessive soil build-up due to lack of or improper maintenance


General Claims Procedure
Claim must be reported to PlasTEAK Inc. in writing within ten (10) years of purchase, except for claims of product defect as detailed below.
PlasTEAK requires a sample for evaluation, or at its option, may have the installation inspected by a PlasTEAK representative or agent, or licensed independent inspector; or claimant may hire a licensed independent inspector. If PlasTEAK determines that the claim is valid, PlasTEAK will supply new product(s) of the same or similar grade sufficient to repair or replace the affected vinyl, but PlasTEAK will not pay for labor or related replacement costs.


A covered defect must be reported to PlasTEAK, Inc. in writing within one (1) year of purchase. PlasTEAK requires a sample for evaluation, or at its option, may have the installation inspected by a PlasTEAK representative or agent, or licensed independent inspector. If, after evaluation, the product is determined defective, PlasTEAK will supply new product(s) of the same or similar grade sufficient to repair or replace the defective material(s). PlasTEAK will also pay for reasonable labor and materials costs involved in replacing the affected PlasTEAK vinyl where the combined labor and material costs are not in excess of the total cost of replacement vinyl. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under no circumstances shall PlasTEAK Inc. be liable for any ensuing costs, consequential or otherwise, directly
or indirectly, due to the replacement of flooring such as, but not limited to, loss of business revenue, productivity, displacement, etc. PlasTEAK, Inc. reserves the right to change our products’ design, material, and/or specification(s) and/or to improve products or processes any time without notice.

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