The reason TT Custom Marine is only place for decking that makes is because our craftsmen have expertly patterned hundreds of boats and we add more to our library every day. This means that we can fabricate, assemble and finish panels that are ready to install on your boat without you having to make a template for us. This makes ordering a breeze and panels made from our templates are guaranteed to fit and will save a you a tremendous amount of labor and time.

Of course, we don't have every boat on file so we've become experts at making pre-assembled panels from customer supplied templates as well. We can supply you with everything you need to make accurate templates for us and we'll walk you through it every step of the way. We use a clear mylar film that lays flat over the deck surface and is easy to see though, tape together and cut. You just have to trace the area to be covered with a permanent marker. You don't have to be Rembrandt but you do need to be diligent as we can only make the panels as accurate as you make the templates. However, we're going to clean up the lines and fair the curves when we get the patterns to our shop. Pictures always help.

Once we have the template cleaned up we will work with you to develop a design that meets your expectations and a firm price will be determined before we commence fabrication. Installation of our pre-cut panels is well within the skill set of the average boater and a large portion of our customers choose this option in order to reduce project costs. While installations are not generally difficult they do take some patience, and experience with any kind of flooring installation will help immensely. Check our downloads page for information on installation and templating procedures.