SurfTurf with snaps.jpg

Soft under foot, great wet traction and limitless design options. Surf Turf is marine grade EVA foam available in a multitude of color combinations. Designs in the material are created by cutting though the top layer to reveal the contrasting color below.  From a planked teak deck motif to radical skulls and flames, if you can dream it, we can probably make it using Surf Turf. The brushed surface looks great and provides a warm texture that contrasts visually against hard gelcoat surfaces.

Installation is simple with marine grade 3M "peel and stick" adhesive on the back. The panels are lightweight, not permanent and will not damage the deck if they need to be removed. Alternatively, we can also make panels with snaps installed to replace snap-in carpet. Surf Turf isn't just for boats either. EVA foam is a great option for cooler lids, personal water craft, surfboards, stand up paddleboards or anywhere else you might want cushioned wet traction.

EVA (Expanded Vinyl Acetate) foam decking products have been become wildly popular due to the low cost, great looks, simple installation and comfort. If you're seeking a DIY project that won't break the bank then Surf Turf demands your consideration.